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Mulch !

A new and easier way to build and manage your application hosting

We’re excited to present Mulch to the world! Behind this name is hidden a solution to plant and grow new projects crops. We made a great video for you to have a better understanding of the features that Mulch can offer.

Vidéo explicative de la solution web Mulch

So Mulch… what’s up with you?



First Release Date

December 2018


Oniti agency

Based on

Linux, KVM, Go…

Mulch is a platform that reliably hosts websites and applications, in a industrialized and super-easy way. How amazing is that uh? It’s a free software that is meant to be installed on a dedicated server and can manage VMs. It’s based on well-known technologies like Linux, KVM, Go…

The first version of Mulch was released in december 2018 !

Mulch is so… Mulchy.

Oniti created Mulch to answer precise needs. Here’s the answer to the crucial question: Why Mulch?


Mulch works automatically like a big boy!

Made for quality

Reliability, availability, monitoring and backup saves.


Using virtual machines instead of containers means a stronger isolation of your applications.


Requests are delivered reaaaaaaally fast. Nothing to do with the usual shared hosting IO bottleneck.

Easy. So easy.

Using Mulch is easier to use than stealing a lollipop to a child… AND giving it back cause you’re probably a great fellow.


React quickly in case of a problem and manage your costs.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of french developers who are working in an agency in Nantes. Oniti is a web software development company. We love to make our partners and customers happy since 10 years.

Mulch has been created by the great work of Julien LOLLIVIER, web developer in Oniti.

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